Holiday Activities in Iceland

Iceland is one of those destinations that guarantee you an unforgettable holiday, whether you’re into nature, partying up a storm or simply relaxing. There are so many things to do here, whether you’re visiting in summer or in winter, that you may have a hard time choosing where to start. The following are some of the top activities that an Iceland holiday offers:

Explore the Countryside

The Icelandic landscape is spectacular and one of the main reasons for many people to visit the country. Glaciers, mountains, bays and fjords, waterfalls, green vegetation and geothermal activity all combine to create a land like no other. This country truly is the keen landscape photographer’s paradise. One of the most beautiful waterfalls is Gullfoss and nearby is Geysir, the geyser that gave this natural phenomenon its name. Another geyser is Strokkur, which erupts at intervals of between five and ten minutes, giving you plenty of time to get your camera ready and capture that perfect shot.

Iceland has the oldest parliament in the world and its first seat was at a site in what is now Þingvellir National Park. The landscape here just begs to be photographed.

There are several companies that offer tours to the Icelandic countryside, but you can also rent a bike or a car and make your own way. Be sure to visit the small villages that dot the landscape. You may spot some doors painted on rocks and wonder what they are. The answer is simple: They’re doors for the elves!

Enjoy the Nightlife in Reykjavik

The Icelandic capital is famous for its raucous nightlife. Winter or summer, the bars and clubs are packed with revelers and music fans. Iceland has produced some very famous musicians and bands and during a night out on the town, you’ll get a chance to listen to what might be the next big thing in music. In October, Iceland Airwaves takes over and the whole of Reykjavík becomes a giant music festival.

Of course the city offers much to do during the day too, from visiting museums and art galleries, killing time in coffee shops or strolling through the streets to relaxing in one of the many geothermal pools.

Go on a Boat Tour

The first settlers in Iceland got here by boat. The fishing industry still makes up a large part of the country’s economy too, so you can’t visit the country and not go on a boat tour. There are many operators that offer a variety of packages, including fishing trips, whale-watching tours and trips to see the curious-looking puffin.

Adventure Sports

The diverse Icelandic landscape offers plenty of opportunities for adventure sports. Whether you want to do some white-water rafting, hike a glacier, climb a mountain or scale a wall of ice, you’ll find it here. Even simply hiking the countryside is an adventure with the many crags and patches of moss you’ll need to traverse!

The Northern Lights

Even though most of Iceland falls just outside the Arctic Circle, the country is a great place to see the Northern Lights. On clear winter nights between September and April, your chances of seeing this spectacular natural light show are very good, especially if you’re in the countryside and away from the city lights. Many tour operators offer special Northern Lights excursions.