About Me

I picked up my first SLR in 1989.  Shooting with a Pentax K1000, I began my journey experimenting with photography, composition, and processing my own film and prints.  Years later, when digital cameras first emerged, I purchased one of the originals; however, it failed to live up to the expectations set by film, and its limitations were abundant.

I stuck with film for quite a while until I felt that the digital technology had evolved far enough.  Owning my first digital SLR, a Canon 5D Mark II, reignited my passion for photography, and I have been traveling and shooting ever since.  I now split my time shooting in a variety of formats, both digital and film, and after spending several years photographing throughout the United States, I began shooting internationally in 2011, capturing captivating scenes throughout the Icelandic countryside.  Compelled to seek out new and diverse landscapes to photograph, I continue to travel to amazing and unique places around the world.

Being a partially colorblind man, I am also driven to find especially vivid, colorful landscapes to shoot.  Since my eyes perceive a muted color palette, I am drawn to the most vibrant scenes to capture in my images.  I find that dramatic environments that speak to me and convey emotion also often have broad appeal to others.  I hope that this drive to find colorful, inspirational landscapes can also bring enjoyment to those who appreciate my work.